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Upcoming February Events

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 CEC has planned some exciting events for Feburary! 



Come one, come all! The Cayman Islands Christmas celebrations are as diverse as the people of the islands. It doesn’t matter if there’s no snow! After all, Christmas is all about the warmth of festivities and the spirit of celebration and not about a wintry night! The Cayman Islands become a Christmas wonderland around the time of the festival and you can do varied things ranging from witnessing the dazzling light displays to amazing beach parties. There’s something special for people of all ages. And who wouldn’t like to indulge in the lip-smacking delicacies – the Cassava or the Heavy cake, the Fruit cake, Christmas beef and Sorrel!

Upcoming January Events

Meet Lisa Tatosian from Airtime Media SEZC

Meet CEC Team Member Carlos Edwards


Meet CEC Community Member Tanya Wigmore


Meet CEC Team Member Maria


CEC Zone Upcoming Events

CEC Community Holiday Cocktail Party

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