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Moving to Cayman

We're here to help you make a seamless international move.

Everything you need to know about moving to the Cayman Islands

We want to make sure your transition to life in Cayman is seamless. We have assisted more than 250 companies with the site selection and corporate relocation to the Cayman Islands from all over the world. Our Client Experience Team can introduce you to a wide range of tried-and-tested reliable service providers to help you at every step of the way.

Entry Requirements

You've done your research and we're here to help you with the next step. Our Client Experience team will provide you with all the documents you need for you and your family to make the move. The offshore company formation process is quick and efficient and can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

Making the Move

Moving to the Cayman Islands is an exciting, significant milestone in your life! This decision brings a variety of things to consider. Our team can help you to navigate travel changing information, suggest quarantine arrangements, and will help to make the move to the Cayman Islands as stress-free as possible. 

Standard of Living

The Cayman Islands are supported by world-class infrastructure, including excellent healthcare and reputable international schools based on both American and British education systems. This combination offers adventurous prospective expats a high standard of living and an island-lifestyle in paradise. 

Grand Cayman is a great place to live, and there's always something new and exciting happening.

It's easy to meet people within CEC's dynamic community members, from across a wide variety of sectors.

Carlos Edwards
Technical Support Specialist, CEC

We established a physical presence in the Cayman Islands as it was important for us to be closer to our US office.

The beaches are awesome and the work-life-balance is so important for our team's productivity.

Will Carter
Chief Operating Officer at xx Labs and xx Network SEZC

Cayman offers a great solution for innovative companies.

I suggest for everyone to take advantage of the multiple benefits of setting up offshore in the Cayman Islands - it's more than just a beautiful destination.

Ramona Tudorancea
Founder & Managing Director JB Advisory Services SEZC

Travel Arrangements

Keeping the spread of the COVID-19 virus to a minimum in the Cayman Islands is a top priority for Government.

As of 1st October, 2020 the Cayman Islands borders began a phased reopening and entry is limited to select categories of travellers arriving by air.

The information needed to make informed travel decisions can be found on Travel Cayman.

Cayman's current real-estate market leaves little time for buyers to snap up a property. With high housing demand, properties are being snatched instantaneously, as they get on the market. Last year was the best on record for the Cayman Islands property market with more than $800 million in total sales, according to a review by surveyors Charterland. Cayman news has described this ‘Real-estate Boom’ to have hit a significant increase that no other Caribbean island has experienced in years. Learn more about the perks of buying Real Estate in the Cayman Islands here.

Real Estate

Shipping Items

Shipping to the Cayman Islands is be a process, but Cayman Resident can help you choose the best and most cost-efficient shipping method for you. Whether it’s by air or sea, there are companies you can trust. Further explanation of importing your goods duty-free and the process of clearing them through Cayman Customs is also explained in the link below.

Shipping to Cayman & Duty Costs

It's important to note the rules of Cayman roads. Something unique from other Caribbean islands is that Cayman drives on the left-hand side of the road.
The vast majority of people on the road in the Cayman Islands are driving cars but you will see a few motorbikes and bicycles and public transport is also available. To learn more about Cayman road rules we invite you to click here.


Driver's Licenses

When a person moves to the Cayman Islands, they may drive on their domestic license in the Islands for a period not exceeding three months. After which, the new resident may drive only after passing both the prescribed written and road test.
To successfully carry out what is known as a ‘Geneva Transfer’ (exchange of a foreign driver’s license for a Cayman Islands driver’s license) new residents must visit any of the Department of Vehicle & Driver Licensing locations within the first three months of being on the islands. This process of exchange will only require that the applicant successfully pass the written exam.
A driver’s license can be issued for three years or five years. A transfer fee of CI$50.00 will be charged. You must bring: foreign license, passport and payment in cash.

Notable expenses are dependent on whether you have children or not. Check out the cost of living for a couple without children and a couple with children. These pages will show the variance in set-up costs in moving to Cayman.
Want to know more? From the cost of your toothbrush to the cost of your house, click
 here for what prices to expect when living in The Cayman Islands.

Notable Expenses

Importing Pets

Yes, your Furr Friends are invited, too! Get started now as you will need at least six months to complete the import process. All dogs and cats entering the Cayman Islands must have an import permit issued by the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture (DOA). You must provide evidence that your dog or cat complies with all of the import requirements before an Import Permit is issued. To start this process, contact Chloe at C.Ayala@caymanenterprisecity.com

Remember, different rules apply to different countries. To find out what rules apply to you, please click here.

The Cayman Resident is a great website to learn more about living in the Cayman Islands. It is the definitive guide to Cayman and a reliable and useful resource tool. You can also visit the Cayman Islands travel page, which is a very thorough document on the Cayman Islands, including history, things to see and do, restaurants, and more. If you are looking for an in person expert to talk to on anything related to moving, doing business or investing in the Cayman Islands, Navigate Cayman Islands are our recommended consultants.


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The Cayman Islands Lifestyle

The Cayman Islands have been named “The Friendliest Place on Earth to Live.” Expect to be welcomed by an international community that relishes an upscale and active lifestyle. Grand Cayman is truly cosmopolitan and has earned a reputation as the "Culinary Capital of the Caribbean." It also boasts luxury resorts, fabulous real estate, and top-notch housing, schools, and medical facilities.

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