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Relocation in Five Easy Steps, the CEC Way

So, you’ve decided that you want to move your business to the Cayman Islands! You might have been wondering where to start, but this won't be for too much longer, as you have found our super easy guide to relocation to the Cayman Islands — in five easy steps.

STEP 1 – Make sure you've connected with Cayman Enterprise City

With CEC you can take advantage of investment incentives, unrestrictive immigration pathways, a vibrant business community, and turn-key solutions for businesses of all sizes and at all stages of development. We are here to help, so make sure you have connected with us via our quick and easy landing page form below:

Get in touch! — click here to fill in your form

STEP 2 – Evaluate where you fit in the Zone

CEC is home to three unique special economic zones: Cayman Tech City, Cayman Commodities & Derivatives Centre, and Cayman Maritime & Aviation City. Click on our handy interactive evaluation tool to find out more about the benefits of operating in the Special Economic Zone, the different packages available, and why Cayman is such a great place to incorporate your business:

Evaluate your fit! — access CEC's interactive evaluation tool

Step 3 – Learn about why Cayman is such a business-friendly jurisdiction

Business leaders are looking offshore to find that perfect blend of high quality of life, access to first-world infrastructure, and a tax-neutral environment that is appropriately regulated. Well, Cayman has them all and more. Click below to discover why Cayman is the perfect jurisdiction for the future of your business:

Why the Tax-Exempt Cayman Islands are the Perfect Place to do Business

STEP 4 – Understand the application process from start to finish!

Get your business set up and running quickly, cost-effectively, and become part of a vibrant business community. This handy guide walks you through the entire process from evaluating your business all the way through to walking into your new office. As we work with you to get you set up, we will only need three initial bits of information to get the ball rolling:

  • The intended activities of your company, so we can reference the Special Economic Zone Law to ensure your business can be licensed.
  • How many staff members you would like to place in your Cayman Islands office.
  • The amount of office space your business requires, and your company's technology requirements.

Learn more about the CEC application process — download the guide

Step 5 – Get answers to your remaining questions in one handy place

You might still have some questions on life and business in the Cayman Islands, so head over to our FAQ page and see if those questions are answered there. They are broken down into three topics: opening your business in the Special Economic Zone, running a business in the Cayman Islands, and living life in the Cayman Islands. View the Cayman FAQs here.

And that is it! You are now a fully informed, future business leader in the Cayman Islands, and if you need even more reasons to be excited, click on the last link below to see some member success stories from Cayman Enterprise City companies. Will you be the next company featured here? Member success stories

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