8 Great Reasons to Move Offshore

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Do you Know Cayman Offers the Highest Standard of Living in the Caribbean?

Striking out and living the expatriate dream is often a high-risk, high-reward situation. You never know exactly what’s waiting for you in your new home until you arrive and start putting down roots, and that means taking a gamble. It’s a hard risk to take if you rely heavily on the comforts and security of advanced infrastructure.

The Rich and Famous Choose to Vacation in Cayman. Here's Why.

What makes Cayman such a desirable place for the wealthy to vacation? There’s more to it than just the gorgeous coral sand beaches and crystal-clear blue Caribbean waters. Cayman has a lot to offer for travelers seeking a luxurious tropical experience. From world-class resorts to incredible food, you’ll find paradise in abundance on these islands.

There Is An Island Home With A High Standard of Living Waiting for You

If you’re considering a permanent change of lifestyle, and looking for an island home, I suggest you look no further than the Cayman Islands, which I called home for 12 years. Residents there enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean. The local economy is flourishing, thanks to finance, tourism and real estate. This English-speaking British Overseas Territory is also conveniently close to the U.S., so it’s easy to get back to the mainland.

This is Why the Sea Turtle is Cayman's Beloved Symbol.

For Caymanians, sea turtles are more than just a majestic sea creature. These animals are a prominent symbol in Cayman culture, and you’ll find sea turtles used as part of our official identity in many different ways. Turtles adorn Caymanian money and appear on the islands’ flag as part of the official coat of arms, showing just how important this animal is. But why the turtle? The answer is rooted deep in history, and it reveals interesting insight into the Cayman Islands’ past.

Why Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is Considered the Best Beach in the World

US News and World Report has named Seven Mile Beach the “Best Beach in the World” and, if you’ve ever laid eyes on it, you know there are many reasons why this true. Seven Mile Beach is a beautiful stretch of powdery white sand fringed by brilliant blue water, and despite its name, the beach is only five miles long. It consistently receives rave reviews from visitors and journalists, and the beach is considered a prime reason why Cayman is the ultimate island getaway. Locals have always known that Seven Mile Beach is special, so grab a beach chair, dig your toes in the sand and chill while I list 8 reasons why it really is the best beach around.

Why Innovate From Cayman?

You’re looking for the perfect place to make your mark and grow your business, and Cayman is ready to help you make it happen. Why is this such a great place to establish your business? Cayman’s legendary tax-neutral status provides appealing economic incentives, but it takes more than a strong financial foundation to fuel innovation. Cayman Enterprise City offers additional benefits to buoy your approach to growth and expansion.

How to Capitalise On Globalization

The global economy offers plenty of great opportunities for investment and access to untapped markets, but strategy is important. What’s the best way to capitalise on globalization? Cayman Enterprise City offers some special incentives that allow businesses to take full advantage of the financial opportunities globalization provides. Here’s how it can help you make the most of the global economy to improve your business and your overall quality of life.

Expats Enjoy no Taxes in Cayman

Finances are always a big concern for those who are considering an expat life overseas, but Cayman makes it easy with a welcoming approach to taxes that’s accessible to foreign citizens from across the globe. That’s part of the beauty of establishing your business in Cayman Enterprise City: Your financial concerns are limited, and you’ll enjoy some of the finest banking in the world in a tax-neutral environment. Both personal and business finances can flourish under this appealing system. There’s also something wonderful about not having 30% or more deducted from your pay packet to go towards taxes.

3 Things To Look For in Corporate Site Selection

International site selection can be tricky, but if you think carefully and consider your options critically, you could end up making the best decision for your company’s growth and profitability. Use these three criteria to guide your decision-making process for overseas corporate site selection.

Learn How to Avoid Snow, Commute Less and Enjoy More Time With Your Family

Imagine living in a tropical paradise. There are no major traffic jams, and you never have to wake up an hour early to shovel snow off of your driveway. Your family is as happy and relaxed as they are on vacation, and you get to share this sense of peace with them every day after work.

8 Great Reasons to Move Offshore

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  8 Great Reasons to Move Offshore