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Cayman Islands Technology Infrastructure

From mobile phone service to internet and satellite TV, Cayman’s utilities services are on par with those of the UK, Canada, the United States and the best in the Caribbean. Internet is available throughout Grand Cayman, offering the fastest speeds in the Caribbean. 

Modernising infrastructure is a top priority in Cayman, with the ultimate goal of becoming a smart island that uses cutting-edge technology to make lives easier and business more efficient. In pursuit of these goals, the government is exploring options to connect Cayman to the USA via a new undersea fiber optic cable to provide lower cost and lower latency internet connectivity. While costly, such an undertaking will open a lot of opportunities for growth and development on Cayman.

Technology Infrastructure in the Cayman Islands

Secure, Efficient and Reliable IT Infrastructure

Cayman Enterprise City is serviced by two sub-maritime cables and has connectivity from three internet service providers. Each operates independently and has on Island spares for all critical network elements. As far as bandwidth, through pure fiber, we offer to clients an aggregate of up to 450Mbps down, 400Mbps up, as well as Private SSID/VLAN (your own private network, using our services), Fixed Public IP or Custom/Private Bandwidth on wired connections.

Your servers and data (and thereby your company) are subject to the laws of the jurisdiction where they are resident.  Maintaining your digital assets in the Cayman Islands strengthens your permanent establishment as a Cayman registered entity. 

Move offshore cayman islands

Our Tech Community

From blockchain, to FinTech, to traditional IT, both local and foreign-owned digitally focused companies are seizing new opportunities in the Cayman Islands to build global teams and rapidly expand their businesses. Talented individuals including; the masterminds behind David Chaum’s new digital currency, Praxxis; technologists who are reimagining what a browser should be; and geneticists who have helped to implement extensive COVID-19 testing, are now a part of Cayman’s innovative fabric, which is helping to place the Cayman Islands on the map as a digital hub and platform for developing new technology.

The recent influx of innovative tech companies and talent has created a new energy and sense of community around Cayman’s digital economy. Industry experts meet regularly for technology-focused discussions and specialised industry groups including Digital Cayman and the Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands, are further aiding to support a favorable business environment and professionalise Cayman’s digital sector.

Visit our Zone Events page to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Connectivity & Infrastructure
  • What is the best latency available?
    Latency can be as low as 30 milliseconds.
  • Are there MPLS circuits?

    Yes, we can help you connect with the right service provider for this.

  • Can you create a private network with a public IP address?

    Yes, we’ve facilitated custom networks through our CEC infrastructure.

  • Is it possible to be completely isolated from the CEC network?

    Of course! We can help to make that happen. In this case, we would typically host your network devices (firewall and switches) in our data room.

Technical Support & Services
  • Who are the Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the Cayman Islands?

    There are three ISPs including Logic, C&W Business, and C3. All provide fiber services.  

  • Who would you recommend for local IT support?

    We work with Kirk ISS who are a leading provider of IT support in the Cayman Islands, and is an award-winning Microsoft partner.

  • Who would you renamed for disaster recovery services in Cayman?

    Brac Informatics Centre (BIC) has state-of-the art data and disaster recovery centres in both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Their facilities have been built to international standards and designed to withstand category five hurricane force winds. With redundant offshore data centres on two different islands located nearly 100 miles apart, BIC is able to provide a complete solution for both production and backup operations, all within the Cayman Islands legal jurisdiction.

  • Is there a payment gateway provider that you can recommend?

    CEC's Client Experience team can also put you in touch with payment gateway providers such as First Atlantic Commerce which offers online payment solutions that enable you to accept payments in up to 145 world currencies in real-time on a 100% PCI-compliant platform.

  • Who provides corporate telephony services in Cayman?

    Logic, C&W Business, and C3 all provide corporate telephony services in the Cayman Islands. 

Recruitment & Workforce Development
  • Can you help to find us software developers?

    CEC members have access to our recruitment support services where we assist zone companies with job advertisements in the local market, internship placements, networking events where you can meet potential candidates, and where you might need additional support our team will help to connect you with professional recruitment agencies. 

  • Is there technical training and education on Island?

    The jurisdiction has quickly recognised the need to support tech education and develop a workforce capable of filling, and creating, emerging technical job opportunities presented by the growing number of digital sector businesses. Organisations focused on workforce development such as the University College of the Cayman IslandsCayman Code AcademyCode(Cayman), and CEC’s Enterprise Cayman, are supporting a number of workforce-ready and entrepreneurial initiatives.

    Cayman’s tech ecosystem is now delivering – financial assistance for code educationindustry focused internshipsa business design competitiona business incubator programmecomputer donation drives, innovation tours, and so on. A plethora of engaging programming and events are now being produced in Cayman, which are helping to close the digital divide, are supporting accessible technology-driven training opportunities, and are solidifying professional networks, required to grow and sustain a vibrant digital economy.

Cayman Islands Services to meet your cloud and hosting needs include:

  • High-speed internet 
  • Offshore hosting and payment gateways 
  • Offshore intellectual property protection
  • Dedicated physical and virtual servers
  • Network connectivity monitoring and alerts
  • Managed firewalls & VPN access
  • Managed backup service
  • Managed secure media storage
  • Full disaster recovery
  • Portal development services including online payment gateways





Get started today

The CEC team are able to assist you with whatever requirements you might have, from basic standard WIFI and wired connectivity for your team, to dedicated low latency connectivity and on-site data closets, to off-site Tier 3 data centre colocation. Enquire below for more information.

Cayman Enterprise City is an excellent fit for our firm because it offers us flexibility to service our clients from a leading crypto jurisdiction.

CEC itself has a vibrant crypto community which has exceeded our expectations allowing us to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share the goal of making Cayman a global leader in distributed ledger technology.

Aaron Unterman
Managing Director of XReg Consulting SEZC

I was happily surprised that it is actually as simple as I hoped…

CEC takes the stress out of staffing changes and licensing renewals. The process is quick, effective, and is handled seamlessly.

Sandra Castelo
Financial Controller at TAAL SEZC

CEC is the future of offshore business.

Being physically located where there's a high quality infrastructure, great lifestyle, no tax, no regulatory burdens and our IP is protected offshore, has allowed our global business to flourish!

Raoul Pal
CEO of Real Vision TV SEZC