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Cayman Tech City

Set up your Internet, Media, Technology, Web3, AI, Blockchain, FinTech, MedTech/BioTech, or Media/Marketing Company in Cayman. 

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Cayman's Largest Tech Hub & Ecosystem 

Cayman Tech City, also known as Technology City Cayman Islands, is a special economic zone by Cayman Enterprise City, located in Grand Cayman, just one hour’s flight from Miami. Our vibrant community of innovative companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe has rapidly grown into a significant tech cluster, which houses some of the world’s leading Web3, AI and FinTech companies.

Cayman Tech City is home to the largest innovation ecosystem in the region and paves the way for early stage start-ups, growth stage start-ups, unicorns and big Tech firms to accelerate success.

Cayman Tech City Benefits include

  • 100% foreign ownership permitted
  • Well-regulated and globally recognised free zone
  • Secure, Efficient and Reliable IT Infrastructure (Learn More)
  • No local corporate, income, sales capital gains or payroll tax
  • 100% exemption from import duties
  • Fast, efficient, and cost-effective set up within 4-6 weeks
  • 5 Year renewable work permits/residency visas granted within 5 days
  • 5 year residency for employees and their dependents
  • A safe, stable British Overseas Territory with robust laws
  • Intellectual property owned offshore
  • An appropriately business regulated environment
  • Excellent service providers to support your business
  • Easy access to North and Latin America markets
  • Ongoing support offered by CEC’s Client Experience and Global Mobility teams

Cayman Tech City Members

Meet others, like you, who have made the move and are operating a business with a genuine offshore physical presence in the Cayman Islands with Technology City Cayman Islands. 

Why Set Up an Offshore Technology Company in Technology City Cayman Islands?

Cayman Tech City offers a unique solution for forward-thinking companies and motivated entrepreneurs. A platform built for rapid business growth and innovation, Tech City Cayman Islands is one of the fastest growing offshore Information & Communications Technology (ICT) clusters in the Western Hemisphere.

Companies can quickly and cost-effectively establish a genuine physical presence offshore with staffed offices within the special economic zone. As part of Cayman Tech City you have the ability to generate an active business income offshore in the Cayman Islands and benefit from operating from a tax-exempt jurisdiction. Plus, your Intellectual Property can be protected offshore and if you are building the company for an exit and an eventual industry sale, there are no capital gains tax in Cayman. There are no H1-B visa issues and you can assemble global teams by obtaining renewable five-year work/residency visas for your staff from any country within five working days.

Why innovate from Cayman? Read more here. 

Cayman Tech City Parks

Cayman Internet Park

Cayman Internet Park

  • Software development, code writing, modifying or testing
  • Planning and designing computer systems, hardware or software
  • Drone development and design 
  • Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
  • Telecommunications & related service activities
  • Communication technologies, management and operation of computer systems and/or data processing facilities
  • Web search portals
  • Data processing
  • Hosting activities 
  • Blockchain development
  • Developers of software for the FinTech industry
  • Compliance software
  • Credit scoring software
  • Fraud mitigation software
  • Cyber security firms
  • Data security companies
  • Lifecyle management software for financial institutions
  • Regulatory onboarding solutions for financial institutions
  • Invoicing platforms
  • Analytics platforms
  • Banking software
  • Privacy software for sharing data securely
  • Risk management/analysis software
  • etc.
Cayman Media Park

Cayman Media Park

  • Electronic or digital media
  • Electronic publishing
  • Digital libraries
  • Catalogues
  • Music
  • TV/broadcasting 
  • New Media
  • News
  • Programming
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • Information services
  • Website development 
  • Graphic design 
  • Digital art
  • Film editing or animation 
  • Film distribution 
  • etc.
Cayman Science and Technology Park

Cayman Science & Technology Park

  • SciTech
  • MedTech
  • Natural sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Research and application of technology that uses biological systems, living organisms
  • Development of biomedical devices
  • Development of pharmaceuticals
  • Environmental technology
  • Green Technology
  • etc.

Cayman Tech City Partner Organisations

Society Logos (12)

The Cayman Islands Virtual Asset Society (CIVAS) is brought together by SEZ members and a shared interest in the complex and subtle relationships between virtual assets, knowledge, and Cayman. CIVAS aims to cover technical, practical, and at other times socially oriented events for CEC members. The complimentary subscription comes with many benefits, including access to all events, a network of other individuals working in the same space, and a range of other opportunities to stay connected and be supported by the Society.

Enterprise Cayman

Enterprise Cayman is a non-profit workforce development initiative by CEC. The organisation provides Caymanians with access to high-quality learning experiences and opportunities to pursue careers in the technology sectors — ensuring that Cayman’s flourishing digital economy and leading-edge companies have access to the talent they need.

Society Logos (11)

The Cayman Islands Artificial Intelligence Society (CIAIS) focuses on promoting the responsible use and understanding of AI globally and in the Cayman Islands. It hosts regular events and discussions featuring industry experts, as well as networking opportunities for members. Whether you are currently working within an AI company or just hold an interest, we welcome you to join us and be a part of the conversation. Complimentary to all SEZ members.

Digital Cayman

Cayman Tech City is the founding sponsor of the non-for-profit industry body Digital Cayman. We’re supporting companies seeking to establish a physical presence, empowering Cayman’s workforce to peruse careers in technology, and helping to guide regulatory and legislative change – making the Cayman Islands a world-leading space for digital innovation.

blockchain association Cayman Islands

The Cayman Blockchain Association is a non for profit organisation that focuses in promoting everything Blockchain related. They host multiple events throughout the year providing an opportunity for people to meet other members of the Cayman Blockchain community.


The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) is the independent multisector regulatory authority in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Tech City and OfReg have teamed up to offer a new programme, called Launch Labs, specifically designed for entrepreneurs and innovators to test new projects, products, and services in the Cayman Islands. 

It's almost cliché to say that it's paradise, but it really is!

One of the things which surprised me the most is the amazing choice of restaurants in Cayman, it really is the foodie capital of the Caribbean.

Ryan Watson
Director of IT & Infrastructure at Brave Software SEZC

It was within the creative mechanism of CEC that helped me get that face time I needed to raise capital for my business.

The unique networking platform was the last step needed to make my business a success.

Ian Gallagher
CEO at Buzz Fit Ltd SEZC

CEC is the future of offshore business.

Being physically located where there's a high quality infrastructure, great lifestyle, no tax, no regulatory burdens and our IP is protected offshore, has allowed our global business to flourish!

Raoul Pal
CEO of Real Vision TV SEZC


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