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Maximize the value of your Intellectual Property offshore.

Set up your business in Cayman’s Tax-Exempt Zone house your IP offshore and retain more profits at exit.

IP can represent significant assets of businesses and it is important to ensure these rights are suitably protected whilst maximizing the value of such assets. Set up an offshore Cayman Company in Cayman Enterprise City’s tax-exempt tech zone and you’ll discover many benefits including comprehensive legislation regarding IP.

Your company would have a real physical presence offshore with staff and offices in Cayman, where you can generate a tax-exempt active business income because there’s no local corporate tax. There’s a fast-track set up process, a cutting-edge infrastructure, a large network of service providers, and offshore hosting and payment gateway, in fact everything you need for your business to thrive and grow.

Reasons to choose Cayman Enterprise City:

  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • No local corporate tax, no capital gains tax, no income tax
  • No red tape - one-stop-shop administrative services
  • No government reporting or filing requirements

Cayman Enterprise City is full of promise and creativity for the future, and already over 200 companies are enjoying the benefits of doing business from our vibrant ecosystem. We’re working hard to create the ideal environment, infrastructure and international connections you need to grow your enterprise.  Benefit from IP laws and, being offshore your business can be more profitable and competitive in the global arena, and can get access to cheaper capital and enhance shareholder value.

Contact us today to see how your business could benefit from Cayman Enterprise City.