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Innovate Offshore

The Cayman Islands is an attractive place to test new technology and digital products. With experimental licensing and competitive concessions, there are countless opportunities ready and waiting to be explored. 

Launch Labs provides a springboard for seed and pre-seed start-ups to test and launch new ideas. Successful start-ups will unlock opportunities to develop, test and modify their innovations in collaboration with top executives and world-leading financial institutions from Cayman Enterprise City's comprehensive and innovative ecosystem. License holders will join 250+ innovative firms in the region’s largest technology special economic zone — Cayman Tech City

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How does it work?

Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) special economic zone, Cayman Tech City, and the Utility Regulation and Competition Office of the Cayman Islands (OfReg) have teamed up to offer a programme specifically designed for entrepreneurs and innovators to enable tech firms to test new and innovative products, services, and business models.
Establish your Cayman Islands special economic zone business by obtaining employment and trade certificates with CEC. and by acquiringAcquire an experimental license within one of OfReg's regulatory sandboxes and make the Cayman Islands your "testing grounds" for new technology. The Launch Labs initiative streamlines processes and bundles existing concessions to create cost-effective and time-efficient, ‘off-the-shelf,’ test bed packages for global as well as local innovators and entrepreneurs. The Launch Labs license comes with subsidised commercial licensing options and access to CEC's co-working facilities at attractive rates.

Now businesses can experiment, test, and find the freedom to innovate while being adequately regulated and meeting the requirements for establishing a genuine physical presence.

Launch Labs CEC

Financial & Tax Incentives

Set up with Cayman Enterprise City quick and efficiently

Accelerated Set Up & Streamlined Packages

A Vibrant Community

A Vibrant Community of Entrepreneurs

An ideal place for innovation 

Stable, Pro-Business Regulatory Environment | Protect Your Intellectual Property Offshore 

Cayman’s small yet sophisticated economy is the perfect platform for businesses of any size to experiment and test new tech. Moving to paradise is easier when you can trust the stability and integrity of the local political and business environments. The spirit of the Cayman Islands is entrepreneurial and the jurisdiction possesses an extraordinary blend of paradise and modernity that can’t be found in any other Caribbean island. Cayman is fast becoming the offshore digital jurisdiction of choice.

Cayman's Regulatory Sandbox

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Regulatory sandboxes are a framework set up by a regulator where innovative products or services can be tested in a live environment with real consumers before they are fully brought to market. This allows the innovators to capture real data on the effectiveness and viability of their products, helping them to make any necessary changes before the product is launched (which can be costly to fix later, from both a financial and reputational perspective) as well as to secure financing from investors.

From the regulator’s perspective, the secure environment of a sandbox brings more protections for consumers (there are less severe consequences if a product or service fails during testing within the sandbox).

Cayman's Special Economic Zones

Cayman Enterprise City is home to a vibrant community and has attracted hundreds of innovators and entrepreneurs to establish a physical business presence in the jurisdiction. 

Cayman Enterprise City's technology focused special economic zone, Cayman Tech City, is home to the largest innovation ecosystem in the region and acts as a nucleus for early stage start-ups, growth stage start-ups, unicorns and big Tech firms to accelerate success.

With a dedicated government authority, licensing fee concessions, and guaranteed fast-track processes, Cayman Enterprise City removes the bureaucratic red tape and enables international companies to quickly establish a Cayman Islands office, which in turn allows businesses to generate active income within a tax neutral environment.

Member Benefits


  • Ongoing Support & Concierge Services
  • World-class Office Facilities & Professional Meeting Rooms
  • Special Events & Networking Opportunities 
  • Recruitment Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Speaking Opportunities

Turnkey packages are scalable to meet the needs of your growing project.

Our team is available for an evaluation call to discuss your project in detail and establish if "Launch Labs" just might be the boost you need to get your tech project off the ground!

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The Cayman Islands Business Design Competition

We're inviting all problem solvers, big thinkers and go-getters, like you, to take part in the Cayman Islands Business Design Competition — a series of professional programmes and events aimed at helping you reduce risk when bringing a new product, service, or feature to market.

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