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Why Cayman?

4 Reasons Cayman Has the Highest Standard of Living in the Caribbean

Make the move to the beautiful Cayman Islands

When you picture the Cayman Islands, you probably imagine a tropical paradise with beautiful long sandy beaches and sunny climate. It’s the perfect place for a vacation and relaxation. But Cayman is much more than a holiday destination. It is also an excellent place to live with the highest standard of living in the Caribbean!

Striking out and living the expatriate dream is often a high-risk, high-reward situation. You never know exactly what’s waiting for you in your new home until you arrive and that means taking a gamble. It’s a hard risk to take if you rely heavily on the comforts and security of advanced infrastructure.

Thankfully, here in Cayman, residents never need to choose between the idyllic island life and a high standard of living as our beautiful islands offer both.

#1 World-Class Education

School-aged children can expect to receive excellent educations, from pre-school all the way through to the end of high school. Schools based on American or United Kingdom educational systems are both available here in Cayman, with highly-ranked institutions to choose from including several Montessori pre-schools and the Cayman International School, a private college prep school situated on a 13-acre campus for children aged 2 to 18.

#2 Exceptional Healthcare

Healthcare facilities in Cayman are modern, technologically advanced, and widely available. If you have a chronic health condition and need to see a good doctor on a regular basis, you need more than a word-of-mouth reassurance that healthcare is good. Cayman healthcare excels in cardiac surgery, orthopaedics, in-home nursing, radiology, and CT services. There are many private clinics throughout the island offering specialized services from IVF to dermatology, dentistry, paediatric and more. The standard of healthcare is always increasing in Cayman, with three hospital facilities (HSA Cayman Islands Hospital, CTMH Doctors Hospital and Health City), and several more in development, including a facility focused on cancer and neonatal care, you can rest assured that all your health-related needs will be taken care of.

Cayman International School

#3 State-of-the-art Business Set Up

Cayman offers other benefits that make its standard of living higher than any of its Caribbean neighbours. There are an abundance of economic opportunities on the islands thanks to a variety of thriving industries, including finance, technology and maritime services. Venues such as Cayman Enterprise City make it easy for foreign businesses to set up shop on the islands, which creates jobs for local residents and helps keep the national economy strong. CEC also helps you connect and network with entrepreneurs worldwide and even help you settle into your new life in Cayman.

#4 Stable Political Climate

Cayman enjoys a stable political environment that sees local government offices maintaining procedures and policies that are officially codified by a constitution. The nation has followed its system of parliamentary representative democracy peacefully for decades. Though it is officially a British Overseas Territory, the islands largely handle their own governance, which contributes to Cayman’s political stability. Once you’re here and start discovering everything Cayman has to offer, you’re guaranteed to come to the same conclusion: that Cayman truly is the perfect place to settle in the Caribbean!

If life in Cayman sounds like something you’d like to explore, get in touch with us today to discuss setting up a legitimate offshore company with a genuine physical presence with Cayman Enterprise City (CEC).

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