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Artificial Intelligence Portal Launches in Cayman’s Tech City

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NeuralStudio® SEZC is Bringing Machine Based Learning Models to Global Businesses

Jack Copper, the Managing Director of NeuralStudio® SEZC, a technology startup based in Cayman’s special economic zone Cayman Tech City, has developed a cloud-based portal that extends the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build and deploy machine based learning models for global businesses.  The AI portal is the first of its kind to launch in the Caribbean.  

This summer, NeuralStudio launched neuralstudio.ai®, the Microsoft Azure (cloud) based gateway which allows clients to process and analyse huge amounts of data in as little as 24 – 48 hours. Entering data on a large scale typically involves weeks of administrative work. The neuralstudio.ai portal offers international businesses and organisations an efficient method to process data that drastically reduces the amount of resources previously required and yields superior results. “All the client has to do is to supply data and tell the portal what is needed after the information is entered,” explained Copper. “We then fine tune the neural networks’ automatic learning to optimise the company’s parameters of the request. The portal does the rest – all in one place.”

By optimising the parameters of the algorithms, neuralstudio.ai takes the AI process a step further. “Our innovative technology provides vast improvements on data processing and a offers a competitive advantage to Data Managers and Analysts. It will help companies fulfill their missions, do proper forecasting, and classification amongst other tasks – it’s a game changer,” said Copper who has spent over 30 year working in the AI industry. “We have a solid network of potential business partners internationally and within the Cayman Tech City special economic zone and I’m excited to see how our first clients react.”

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Copper utilised Caymanian talent to develop the AI product. Caymanian Computer Science graduate Jamal Clarke who joined the team last November remarked, “This is such an exciting and world-changing project and an amazing learning opportunity. It’s great to apply my skills in the real world and through Copper’s support and mentorship I’ve been able to learn a lot about business and coordinating major projects.” This summer two Caymanian interns, Hollie Coleman and Matthew Elphinstone also joined the project – helping prepare for the launch as well as working directly with AI technology.

“The excitement surrounding the neuralstudio.ai project is exactly what Cayman Tech City likes to see,” said Charlie Kirkconnell the CEO of Cayman Enterprise City (CEC). Cayman Tech City a development project by CEC has been attracting innovative technology companies like NeuralStudio on a weekly basis to set up in the technology focused special economic zone. “Cayman’s robust infrastructure, growing digital economy, tax neutrality, and stable political climate are the perfect ingredients to foster innovation and support technology-based ventures like this,” explained Kirkconnell. “I’m especially proud to see that this significant AI project was able to incorporate Caymanian employees to get the work done and support the next generation of technology entrepreneurs.”

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About NeuralStudio
NeuralStudio, through its neuralstudio.ai portal, is a pioneer in making advanced artificial intelligence available to non-data scientists as well as to data scientists. No other platform provides the combination of ease-of-use in the cloud, including optimized tuning of machine learning algorithms, with a seamless path for actually using results, either in the cloud or on a customer’s premises.

Call: +1-345-815-3930
E-mail: info@neuralstudio.ai 
Web: https://neuralstudio.ai 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/neuralstudio/ 

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