Launch a start-up or Create a Cayman Offshore company Branch in tech city

Cayman Tech Zone - Offshore IT Company FormationCayman Offshore Business Internet ParkJoin global brands, international service providers, and innovative start-ups in Cayman’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which leverages best-in-class connectivity, and provides a reliable IT infrastructure with offshore hosting in 2 Tier-3 offshore data centres, and introductions to banks who can assist with offshore payment gateway options.

Relocate your tech company to the Cayman Islands, or set up a new branch here and enjoy no taxes, no visa restrictions, IP protection offshore, and a lifestyle for your staff that is second to none!

A wonderful spirit of entrepreneurship prevails within Cayman Internet Park where you’ll find state-of-the-art business facilities to meet the needs of your company. Choose from collaborative co-work spaces, private fully-furnished and equipped offices, or a custom designed set of office suites or building, all with access to our business centre facilities.

A growing Offshore technology Company hub

Why Set Up an Offshore Company in Cayman?

It is easy to incorporate an offshore tech company and start reaping the benefits of operating in Cayman’s Technology Centre.

Cayman Internet Park is designed for information technology and software businesses, telecommunications companies, internet companies and web portals. It is one of the fastest growing offshore Information & Communications Technology (ICT) clusters in the Western Hemisphere.

Companies can quickly and cost-effectively establish a genuine physical presence offshore with staffed offices in Cayman Internet Park. This Technology City provides the ability to generate an active business income offshore in the Cayman Islands and the benefit from operating from a tax-free jurisdiction. Your company becomes more profitable and competitive in the global arena, and you can access cheaper capital and increase shareholder value. Plus, your Intellectual Property will be protected offshore and if you are building the company for an eventual industry sale, there are no capital gains tax in Cayman. There are no H1-B visa problems and you can get renewable 5 Year Work/Residency visas for your staff from any country without restrictions within 5 working days!


Companies setting up in Cayman Enterprise City are finding it an ideal location to rapidly grow their businesses. It’s easy to attract talent to Cayman, as it affords a great lifestyle, plus you can keep your talent. Staff are issued a work visa specifically for your company, so they can’t easily leave to go work for a competitor down the road. There are no massive global brands up the road, trying to entice your team away with irresistible packages! This means, it’s easier to retain your team and it keeps your recruitment costs to a minimum.

Is your business in one of these sectors?

  • Software development, code writing, modifying or testing
  • Planning and designing computer systems, hardware or software
  • Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
  • Telecommunications & related service activities
  • Television programming and broadcasting
  • Communication technologies, management and operation of computer systems and/or data processing facilities
  • Web search portals
  • Data processing
  • Hosting activities 

Here’s how you can benefit

  • No corporate, income, or sales tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • Intellectual Property protected offshore
  • Cutting-edge IT infrastructure
  • Fast-track set up in 3-4 weeks
  • Renewable 5 year work/residency visas granted in 5 days
  • Offshore hosting & payment gateway
  • Minimal Government regulation
  • No Government reporting or filing requirements
  • Tech cluster with massive cross-marketing opportunities
  • Easy access with multiple direct flights to the US and Canada
  • A catalyst for rapid international growth

Find out why over 180 companies have already set up in Cayman Internet Park and how this offshore tech hub can benefit your business.

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