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Create a genuine physical presence of your own…

The Cayman Islands is an excellent place to live, work and do business from. Our pro-business jurisdiction welcomes individuals from all over the world — and Cayman's forward-thinking government has developed several options to welcome individuals from overseas. If the Cayman Islands is your dream destination, let's help you find the best way to make the Cayman Islands your new home.

Run Your Company From Paradise!

Benefits Include:

  • Well- regulated, stable British Overseas Territory
  • Tax neutral platform (no local corporate, income/payroll, sales, or capital gains tax)

  • Globally recognised free zone offering cost-effective set-up within 4-6 weeks & 5 year renewable visas for employees & dependents in 5 days

  • Secure, efficient, & reliable infrastructure

  • Intellectual property owned offshore

  • World-class service providers

  • Easy access to North & Latin America markets

  • 100% foreign ownership permitted

  • 100% exemption from import duties

  • Readily available, fully serviced office  solutions

  • Processing & expenses paid for business licensing & work visas

  • Access to CEC’s professional networks and innovative business community 

The fastest and most cost-effective way to move your business to the Cayman Islands. Get Started Today!

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Permanent Residency Benefits

As a community member if you qualify for permanent residency from within the SEZ, including via one of the PR by investment schemes, your annual right to work fee will be significantly lower as opposed to setting up within the local economy.

Import duties are also waived for all business related items – including servers, PCs, laptops, and other technical equipment. For individuals relocating to the Cayman Islands personal items may be imported duty free during the first 6 months of residency. 

Economic Substance

By setting up a physical presence with CEC, global companies will not only be compliant with global standards but will also positively impact Cayman’s sustainable future and growing knowledge-based economy. 

Corporate Banking

Corporate banking relationships are available to special economic zone businesses. Our team will be happy to recommend preferred banking partners who can assist you with setting up corporate bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Company Ownership & License to Operate

With Cayman Enterprise City 100% foreign ownership is permissible and you’ll receive a business license (called a Zone Trade Certificate) to operate your global business from within the Cayman Islands. 

Try out our interactive Evaluation Tool to find out whether your company might be eligible for a special economic zone business license.

CEC Community Members

Join CEC and meet others, like you, who have made the move and are operating a genuine offshore physical presence in the Cayman Islands. 

Bezoku Joins the Intel® Liftoff Programme
Bezoku Joins the Intel® Liftoff Programme

Bezoku Joins the Intel® Liftoff Programme

Meet Aaron de Coteau, Founder of Angela Healthcare
Meet Aaron de Coteau, Founder of Angela Healthcare

Angela Healthcare Expands Globally as a Cayman SEZ Company to Provide 24/7 Care

Meet David Manouchehri, Director at ai.moda SEZC
Meet David Manouchehri, Director at ai.moda SEZC

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, David Manouchehri is the Director of ai.moda SEZC and is helping to build scalable artificial intelligence (AI) and ...

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