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Cayman’s Global Corporate Citizen Programme

The Cayman Islands is an excellent place to live, work and do business from. Our pro-business jurisdiction welcomes individuals from all over the world — and Cayman's forward-thinking government has developed several options to welcome individuals from overseas. If the Cayman Islands is your dream destination, let's help you find the best way to make the Cayman Islands your new home.

What's the Best Way to Make the Cayman Islands Your Home?

If you would like to make the Cayman Islands your home for longer than six months, you can apply for permanent residency by way of investment, or apply for a work permit.

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or want to take full advantage of the Cayman Islands corporate and personal income tax benefits, you may want to consider becoming a Global Corporate Citizen with Cayman Enterprise City by setting up a Cayman Islands Special Economic Zone Company (SEZCo). If you are deciding between working remotely for a couple years or establishing a long-term offshore business presence, we've compiled some information for you.

Moving to The Cayman Islands with Cayman Enterprise City allows you to live that tropical lifestyle and work remotely while also offering your company the benefit of tax neutrality and allowing you to extend your stay beyond a permit. 

Cayman Enterprise City provides an efficient and easy path to setting up operations in the Cayman Islands.

If you’re exploring options for an international presence, the Cayman Islands is an excellent choice.

John Gleeson
Chief Operating Officer at Storj Labs International SEZC


Cayman Enterprise City's success is good news for the Cayman Islands.

The large number of entrepreneurs who have established a physical presence within Cayman’s SEZs bring much sought after diversity to Cayman’s economy.

Charlie Kirkconnell
Chief Executive Officer at CEC


Cayman offers a great solution for innovative companies.

I suggest for everyone to take advantage of the multiple benefits of setting up offshore in the Cayman Islands - it's more than just a beautiful destination.

Ramona Tudorancea
Founder & Managing Director JB Advisory Services SEZC


Company Ownership & License to Operate


With Cayman Enterprise City, 100% foreign ownership is permissible and you’ll receive a business license (called a Zone Trade Certificate) to operate your global business from within the Cayman Islands. 

Please contact us at innovate@caymanenterprisecity.com to find out whether your company might be eligible for a special economic zone business license. 

Corporate Tax Advantages

With Cayman Enterprise City you can benefit from Cayman’s tax neutral platform for both corporate income and your personal income. Additionally, Cayman Islands companies are not subject to capital gains tax.

Type of Visa/Residency Included

In addition to business licenses, CEC offers renewable work/residency visas called Zone Employment Certificates. With a CEC work/residency visa you will be considered to be a resident of the Cayman Islands. 

Visa/Residency Duration

The Global Corporate Citizen Programme with CEC offers 5-year work visas which are renewable for a further 4 years. In the 8th year of residency, the CEC work/residency visa holders can apply to the Cayman Islands Government for Permanent Residency.

Earning Criteria

With Cayman Enterprise City there is no earning criteria. You have the freedom to assemble global teams who are at any level in their career. From interns to c-suite executives, there is no minimum salary requirement. 

Corporate Banking

Corporate banking relationships are available to special economic zone businesses. Our team will be happy to recommend preferred banking partners who can assist you with setting up corporate bank accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Health Insurance

With Cayman Enterprise City, local health insurance is required, however as a Global Corporate Citizen you can take advantage of group discounts on a variety of health insurance packages.

Learn more about medical care in the Cayman Islands.

Import Duties

As a Global Corporate Citizen import duties are waived for all business related items – including servers, PCs, laptops, and other technical equipment.

For individuals relocating to the Cayman Islands personal items may be imported duty free during the first 6 months of residency. 

Travel Requirements

With Cayman Enterprise City, once your work/residency visa approval is granted, you may come and go as you please. 

Please Note: All quarantine regulations in place at the time of travel must be followed.

Access to a Community & Networking

As a Global Corporate Citizen you will be part of Cayman Enterprise City's vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs. As soon as you arrive, you will be invited to an extensive programme of events and happenings. You'll also become a member of our Enterprise Cayman outreach initiative and invited to take part in CEC's corporate social responsibility programmes. 

Relocation Advice & Travel Support

The Cayman Enterprise City Client Experience Team helps with all the details: travel, banking, housing, pets, drivers' licenses, schools, networking, health & wellness activities, and more!

Cayman Enterprise City has developed a comprehensive support programme. Unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean, CEC helps new tenants and their employees settle comfortably into life in the Cayman Islands.

Office Space

As part of Cayman Enterprise City's turn-key solution you will have access to all Zone business centre facilities in addition to an extensive programme of networking events and socials. Meet like-minded people and take advantage of CEC’s community support structure. 

Take a virtual tour here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Global Corporate Citizen you will be automatically enrolled in CEC’s Workforce Development initiative called Enterprise Cayman. With countless opportunities to get involved, you’ll feel a part of the Cayman Islands community as soon as you arrive!



Global Corporate Citizens

Meet others, like you, who have made the move and are operating a genuine offshore physical presence in the Cayman Islands with Cayman Enterprise City.

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