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You're Moving to Cayman - Here's What You Need to Know About Utilities

Making a big move to paradise? This overview will help you understand what to expect for utilities such as mobile phone, broadband internet and satellite television in the Cayman Islands.

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As with most highly connected societies, Cayman residents are beginning to rely on mobile phones as their primary means of telephone communication. Local carriers such as Digicel and FLOW are available if you’d like to set up a new mobile phone account for your new home. There are all sorts of packages available from both carriers, including pre-paid and post-paid and if you are a member of the Cayman Enterprise City Special Economic Zone, you will received discounted rates through their bulk-buying membership plan.

Several telecom companies offer landline service as well. If you’re moving to Grand Cayman, this may not be necessary, but mobile phone coverage on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman can be more scattered, so you may want a supplemental landline if you’re moving to either island.


Broadband internet and pure fibre internet service is available throughout Grand Cayman, and you can choose from a variety of packages and bundles, including some that include cable TV and/or landline service. The islands enjoy a high degree of internet connectivity, and you can easily have a wireless connection setup in your home. You will find that leading service provider Logic offers amazing speeds and service, as good as you would find at home in the US, Canada or the UK.

Cable and Satellite TV

There’s no shortage of outdoor entertainment options in Cayman, but when you’re putting down roots and setting up a new life, the entertainment and information offered by cable and satellite TV become important. Luckily, Cayman’s telecom companies offer several different options for premium TV packages and bundles. HD, On Demand and other modern TV viewing features are all available as well. If you do not wish to pay for television service, you can access a handful of local public channels, including both religious and government broadcasting networks, with an antenna on a standard television set.


On Grand Cayman, electricity is provided almost exclusively by the Caribbean Utilities Co. Ltd. This will most be the company you need to contact to establish electrical service at your new residence if you are the property owner, or if you are renting, the landlord will provide you with a form to switch the service into your name.  On Cayman Brac, you’ll get power from the Cayman Brac Power & Light Company. Electricity in Cayman is expensive and residents are careful to monitor their usage.


Stoves, ovens, water heaters and clothes dryers are often powered by gas in Cayman. However, the gas is sourced from a tank or bottle rather than a natural gas pipeline. Home Gas provides delivery of propane and other contained gas fuel.


There are 2 service providers in Cayman; the Water Authority and Cayman Water and depending on where you live in Grand Cayman, that provider will supply your city water. Both companies offer good customer service!



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