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This is Why the Sea Turtle is Cayman's Beloved Symbol.

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For Caymanians, sea turtles are more than just a majestic sea creature. These animals are a prominent symbol in Cayman culture, and you’ll find sea turtles used as part of our official identity in many different ways. Turtles adorn Caymanian money and appear on the islands’ flag as part of the official coat of arms, showing just how important this animal is. But why the turtle? The answer is rooted deep in history, and it reveals interesting insight into the Cayman Islands’ past.

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Cayman Turtles in the Age of Exploration

Cayman was once home to a thriving population of sea turtles. In fact, by the time Christopher Columbus reached the islands in the early 16th century, there were more turtles than perhaps any other form of life on the islands. Columbus referred to the land as Las Tortugas, using the Spanish word for “turtles” as a descriptive moniker.

The Cayman Islands quickly became internationally renowned for its abundant turtle population, and while this notoriety was good news for the islands’ human inhabitants, it wasn’t so positive for the turtles themselves. Hungry sailors in need of fresh meat while at sea took a keen interest in Cayman turtles, and within a few centuries, the islands’ turtle population was almost completely wiped out.

Important Past, Strong Future

This historical context is a bit difficult to accept given the modern focus on conservation, but it’s helpful to remember that, to a sailor in the 17th century, a Cayman turtle was a source of life-sustaining sustenance. The islands’ inhabitants quickly began harvesting and selling sea turtles to these sailors, which brought unprecedented prosperity to the local population. Turtles allowed these small islands to gain an international economic presence when they otherwise might have remained obscure. These animals are a major figure in Cayman history, and that alone makes them a powerful symbol of prosperity.

However, there’s a modern slant to Caymanians’ reverence for the sea turtle. Beyond simply serving as a symbol, Cayman sea turtles are a living sign of the islands’ beauty and connection to the sea. Efforts to rebuild the local turtle population have been ongoing since the 1980s, and there’s an attitude of stewardship among modern Caymanians. A thriving sea turtle population has long been one of the Cayman Islands’ most distinctive characteristics, and we’re focused on rebuilding that status to protect and preserve this wonderful species.



Hilary Cahill

Written by Hilary Cahill

Hilary McKenzie-Cahill is a Cayman Enterprise City staff alumni and former VP of Marketing and Business Development. Hilary is a serial entrepreneur and a powerhouse of energy, passionate about everything she undertakes.

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