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Tech City

Cayman Enterprise City Gains Steam as a Global Growth Platform for Tech Companies


The team behind Cayman Enterprise City (CEC), the Cayman Islands’ knowledge and technology focused Special Economic Zone (SEZ), say that six years into the project, the zone is fulfilling its mission to be a growth platform for international companies. CEC opened its doors for business in 2012 and there are now over 225 companies operating from staffed offices and co-work space in the zone. CEO Charlie Kirkconnell says success stories are common, and it’s because Cayman Enterprise City has developed a quality product.

“We have a hands-on approach that makes it quick and easy for businesses to set up and thrive from CEC,” he said. “Our team works tirelessly to make it a smooth and seamless experience, and our turnkey solutions enable clients to literally arrive, open their laptops and get right down to work.”

A proven financial services centre and tourism hotspot, Cayman, a zero-tax jurisdiction, is also expanding its economy by attracting tech companies and other knowledge-based industries to the Special Economic Zone. With a dedicated Government Authority, licensing fee concessions, and guaranteed fast-track processes, CEC enables international companies to quickly and efficiently establish staffed offices in the Cayman Islands. Zone companies are experiencing outstanding, and that includes the SEZ company, Meticulosity

Meticulosity, a web development and digital marketing agency that set up in the zone shortly after CEC opened its doors is also experiencing phenomenal growth. CEO Dave Ward says the Special Economic Zone and the Cayman Islands is a winning combination for the company and his staff. The company has grown from an entrepreneur-driven lifestyle business to over forty employees and offices in three countries.

“Our agency has seen record growth since setting up in CEC, while my employees and I also enjoy an awesome island lifestyle,” said Ward. “We’re able to invest more into our growth and less into taxes and fees.”

These are the success stories Charlie Kirkconnell likes to hear because it means the special economic zone is fulfilling its mission in diversifying the economy and creating knowledge-based careers.

“We are interested in what our clients are doing and how they are doing it and we want to know how CEC can help them grow, either by helping to raise their company profile or connecting them with cross marketing opportunities. said Mr. Kirkconnell.  “We want our zone companies to fully realize that they are part of this major project in the Cayman Islands - they are part of a significant initiative to establish Cayman as a global technology hub, and there are benefits to that.”

A recent net promotor survey conducted with zone clients was aimed at finding out how the zone is doing and what can be done to improve it. CEC received an “excellent” rating in the responses, so Mr. Kirkconnell knows they are doing something right.

“I am humbled and very encouraged by our client survey results, but we will continue to implement improvements,” he said. “We are focused fine-tuning our product based on what works for our clients. Our goal is to help them become stars in their respective industries and Cayman Enterprise City is a tool that can help them to do this.”

Cayman Enterprise City is organizing an ambitious calendar of events to help the zone companies better connect to each other and the local community. The zone’s five parks attract international companies from the disciplines of technology, digital media, life sciences and technology, commodities and derivatives, and marine and aviation services.



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