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If you are an Investment Manager or Fund Manager looking for a more profitable way of doing business, then Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) may be of interest to you.  Located in the tax-neutral Cayman Islands, Cayman Commodities and Derivatives City by CEC is designed to become a centralised global commodity and derivatives market, with the intention of being the first dedicated commodities and derivatives centre in the Americas’ time zone.

Fund Managers, Investment Managers and Prop Traders setting up in Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City can benefit from operating in Cayman’s tax-free environment where there is no corporate tax, no income tax, no sales tax and no capital gains tax. The Cayman Islands are a safe, stable and secure British Overseas Territory and a very well-run jurisdiction, which is appropriately regulated, not over-regulated. Therefore, you can spend less time on reporting and filing paperwork and more time focusing on making your business a success. There is less red-tape and you can efficiently and cost-effectively set up and operate your business from the special economic zone and benefit from appealing incentives granted by the Cayman Islands Government.

Find out more about joining this thriving commodities and derivatives hub, where hundreds of globally focused companies are already set up and operating. Surround yourself with like-minded Investment Managers, Fund Managers and Prop Traders and benefit from being part of our extensive network and frequent networking opportunities.

Businesses that operate from an offshore base and don’t pay corporate tax can be significantly more profitable and competitive in the global arena. The zone is often referred to as a platform for rapid growth and many companies thrive by operating in this pro-business environment.

If you fall into one of the following categories, you may qualify to set up an offshore trading company in the Cayman Islands:

  • activities relating directly or indirectly to commodities, derivatives, futures and options;
  • commodities and derivatives fund management and advisory services; 
  • security and commodity contracts brokerage or proprietary trading for own account, including facilitating and supporting such businesses; and 
  • the provision of an electronic marketplace for the purpose of facilitating the buying and selling of commodities, derivatives, futures and options products, including commodities contracts, futures commodity contracts and commodity options.

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