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Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City

Cut the Red Tape. Trade from a Tax-Exempt Special Economic Zone.



Commodities & Derivatives City  - Full Colour@3x-1

If you are an Investment Manager or Fund Manager looking for a more profitable way of doing business, then Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City (CCDC) may be of interest to you.  Located in the tax-neutral Cayman Islands, CCDC developed by Cayman Enterprise City is designed as a centralised global commodity and derivatives market, with the intention of being the first dedicated commodities and derivatives centre in the Americas’ time zone.

We make it possible for your business to become more profitable and competitive in the global arena. Gain access to cheaper capital, increase your shareholder value, and become a part of a global commodities and derivatives trading community. 

Why Set Up an Offshore Company in Cayman?


The Cayman Islands is committed to bringing traders and global commodities companies to its shores by facilitating trading and creating a true offshore commodities and derivatives cluster with its extensive market infrastructure. Cayman’s Government is pro-business, and here in Cayman you’ll find freedom from excessive regulation, so your company can grow and thrive.

Surround yourself with like-minded Investment Managers, Fund Managers and Prop Traders and benefit from being part of our extensive network and frequent networking opportunities.

Fund Managers, Investment Managers and Prop Traders setting up in Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City can benefit from operating in Cayman’s tax-free environment where there is no corporate tax, no income tax, no sales tax and no capital gains tax. The Cayman Islands are a safe, stable and secure British Overseas Territory and a very well-run jurisdiction, which is appropriately regulated, not over-regulated. Therefore, you can spend less time on reporting and filing paperwork and more time focusing on making your business a success. 

Benefits include:

  • Well regulated and recognised free zone
  • No local corporate, income, sales capital gains or payroll tax
  • Fast, efficient and cost-effective set up within 4-6 weeks
  • 5 Year renewable work permits/residency visas granted within 5 days
  • A safe, stable British Overseas Territory with robust laws
  • An appropriately regulated business environment
  • Excellent service providers to support your business
  • Easy access to North and Latin America markets 
  • Ongoing support

Partner Organisations

Strategic Wealth Preservation
Cayman Enterprise City has partnered with Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP), a fully-integrated precious metals dealer and secure storage facility located in the Cayman Islands. Considered to be one of the premier secure storage facilities in the world, SWP provides both retail and commercial clients with a competitive two-way trading market for physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion. SWP is classified as an Active Non-Financial Foreign Entity, as such, SWP has no wealth reporting requirements to any local or foreign tax authority or government.
Cayman Islands Stock Exchange
The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX)  is a leading, globally focused, specialist exchange for various sophisticated products. Their focus is on being an efficient gateway to global markets. As such, the CSX is known for the broad array of companies that access the Exchange, including leading global financial institutions, emerging technology and life sciences companies, as well as some of the world’s most successful hedge funds. The CSX currently has listed more than 5,611 securities and maintains a market capitalisation of more than US$372 billion.
Monetary Authority

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) issues and redeems the Cayman Islands currency and plays an advisory and regulatory role. CIMA also focuses on protecting the reputation of the Cayman Islands as an International Financial Centre.

Committed to continually enhancing the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority's position as a financial services regulator.

Community Members

Meet others, like you, who have made the move and are operating a genuine offshore physical presence in the Cayman Islands with Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City. 

We established a physical presence in the Cayman Islands as it was important for us to be closer to our US office.

The beaches are awesome and the work-life-balance is so important for our team's productivity.

Will Carter
Chief Operating Officer at WBM Corp SEZC

We were one of the first 50 businesses to establish a business within Cayman Enterprise City.

We were looking at jurisdictions all over the world and Cayman offered really big factors for us. The tax neutrality has allowed us to build out the business.

Kyle Floyd
Chief Executive Officer at SilverStream SEZC

The legal framework in Cayman is similar to the US.

Making it easier to integrate an offshore entity into its US parent corporation. The tax neutral jurisdiction also enables us to reinvest more of our revenue back into the company.

Walker Willse
Vice President of Kowala SEZC

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