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Sherry Robinson from Cayman Enterprise City Achieves Personal Benchmark In Economic Zone Sales

Business Development Manager inks her 40th client

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – In September one of Cayman Enterprise City’s Global Business Development Manager’s Sheridan Robinson, signed her 40th client to the zone - a spectacular personal achievement considering there are a total of 85 companies currently established in Cayman’s special economic zone. In simple math this means “Sherry” has brought on board nearly half of the companies in the zone, and at a recent CEC staff meeting kudos, high-fives and congratulations were offered, but with a frenetic schedule ‒ there are another 191 international companies in the sales pipeline that need attention. Robinson hasn’t slowed down enough to really think about her success and the reasons behind it, until a recent breakfast with local CEC channel partners that included law firms, banks, wealth management firms and corporate services firms who refer business to the zone, and vice versa.

“It was one of those full-circle moments where you realize that the seeds that you’ve planted have come to fruition” says Robinson, who credits beneficial channel partnerships for helping her succeed. “From the beginning, with CEC in a start-up phase our strategy has been to create strategic relationships ‒ if we could have representatives in the local law firms, accounting firms, wealth management and asset management firms, really see the true benefits of the CEC business licensing model, then those people would become advocates, and reach out to their client base as well as their Hong Kong, London, or Vancouver affiliates and that would give us a reach into Europe, Asia and really across the globe.”

Robinson says this strategy is working for Cayman Enterprise City and the channel partners network is proving to be vital in getting the word out about the benefits of the zone internationally.

Nurturing those local channel partnerships by keeping them informed on the progress of the zone is the purpose of CEC’s board room partner breakfast series which began this month. At the inaugural meeting CEO Charlie Kirkconnell talked about the 85 clients now in the zone, the 191 companies in the sales pipeline and recent business development trips made by the CEC team. The channel partners also received a presentation on how the team sells Cayman’s special economic zone and the Cayman Islands internationally, and what types of companies can fit into the zone. The CEO told the partners that the business development team expects to hit the goal of 100 companies in the zone by the end of the year. The first breakfast meeting concluded with Kirkconnell thanking the partners for their support and each one received electronic material to help market the zone to their own clients who might benefit from setting up in the zone.

Kirkconnell clearly recognizes that as well as channel partnerships, employees are the key to the success of any organization and that the business development team at CEC is the lifeblood of the company. He salutes Sherry and the sales team that works diligently and tirelessly to present CEC to potential companies around the globe on varying time zones.

“The ability to close a deal is a rare and special skill” he says, “and the Board of Directors and staff wish to congratulate Sherry on her achievement in sales at CEC. Sherry brings years of international experience to the table along with great professionalism and dedication and in essence, she has become a world-class corporate relocation professional. Further, Sherry’s exceptional customer service and follow-through after the deal has closed has ensured great satisfaction amongst her client base.”

Robinson takes a broader view of her success. “I think of us in a way as the little mouse that roared, because CEC has been able ‒ from this very small island with a very sound financial reputation, with strong British common law, with a safe and wonderful lifestyle, with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – from this tiny island we’ve had a distinct advantage because we’ve got some of the largest law firms, accounting firms and international banks in the world, multi-jurisdictionally connected thus creating a global presence. These terrific partnerships have really helped us to spread the word.”

Sherry has been in Toronto, her old home this week on another business development trip to meet with 25 technology companies interested in learning more about Cayman’s special economic zone and potential relocation. Prior to moving to the Cayman Islands, Sherry was the Executive Director of the Bloor Yorkville Business Improvement Zone in Toronto, Canada’s largest business zone of this type and that zone experience has served her well in her role at CEC.

Robinson has been a business owner in the Cayman Islands for many years and was the former Publisher of Cayman Airways Horizons Magazine, so promoting the Cayman Islands is something she is passionate about. She moved to Cayman 15 ago and has been an active member of the community, including being a Rotarian. Sherry is also a graduate of the Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural class of the Leadership Cayman initiative.

About Cayman Enterprise City

Cayman Enterprise City is a Special Economic Zone in the Cayman Islands focused on knowledge-based industries, technology companies and specialized services businesses. With a dedicated Government Authority and guaranteed fast-track processes, International companies can quickly and efficiently establish a genuine physical presence in Cayman. This enables businesses take advantage of Cayman’s jurisdictional benefits which include zero corporate tax, zero income tax and zero capital gains tax, along with a raft of special zone concessions and incentives. These concessions were designed to attract international companies from five specific high-tech sectors; internet and technology, media and new-media ventures, biotechnology, commodities and derivatives, and academia.

Hilary Cahill
Hilary McKenzie-Cahill is a Cayman Enterprise City staff alumni and former VP of Marketing and Business Development. Hilary is a serial entrepreneur and a powerhouse of energy, passionate about everything she undertakes.
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