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Cayman Enterprise City Vamps Up Marketing Outreach

cec tech outreachCayman’s Special Economic Zone Launches 3 New Targeted Geo Websites
CEC is customizing online outreach to a diverse global audience by focusing on niche markets in Canada, India and Israel with latest web technology
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, August 11th, 2014: As part of its continuous international marketing outreach, Cayman Enterprise City has announced the launch of three customized websites targeting markets in Canada, India and Israel. The rollout of these stand-alone, geo-specific web pages is the natural next step for Cayman’s award-winning special economic zone, as its business development team identifies key markets and seeks to generate leads in diverse industries worldwide. The sites contain introductory CEC information relevant to each particular market and offer quick and easy access to zone solutions and benefits. The goal is to generate leads from visitors seeking to obtain more information on the benefits of the jurisdiction and the special economic zone.
Since the zone opened its doors in 2012, 123 companies, mostly from the tech industry, have established a physical presence in Cayman Enterprise City to take advantage of Cayman’s tax-neutral jurisdictional; no corporate tax, no income tax and no capital gains tax. Appealing concessions have been granted to zone companies by the business-friendly Cayman Islands government, to encourage direct foreign investment. The zone is designed to attract businesses in five sectors; Internet and technology, media, commodities and derivatives, biotechnology and academia, and CEC provides fast track setup and relocation help.
VP of Marketing Hilary McKenzie-Cahill says CEC believes in niche marketing: “Our offering is as diverse as our audience and this is tricky when one has a global audience. We find that instead of casting a very wide net and sending out generic materials to different audiences from five diverse industries, we have better success by focusing on a targetable part of a specific market. It makes sense to have geo specific web pages that talk to interested audiences with relevant information that pertains directly to them.”
The new web landing pages are the first in a series of 10 geo sites in the works to support CEC’s international business development outreaches and trips. Prior to sending a team to the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) international convention in Toronto, Canada in March, the zone launched www.CEC-Canada.com to reach Canadian commodities and mining companies. With the addition of a consultant in India, CEC published www.India-CEC.com for the Indian tech industry, which should welcome the news that there are no visa troubles at Cayman Enterprise City. To reach out to the burgeoning tech industry in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the zone is partnering with Richard Addlestone a partner at Solomon Harris, CEC has added www.CEC-Israel.com.
The geo web pages will be updated regularly with the latest on CEC and the opportunities in the zone. CEC’s portfolio of geo specific marketing materials also includes customized brochures and videos for each market. Cayman Enterprise City invests significantly each year in marketing Cayman and its special economic zone online through Internet advertising campaigns and press releases. CEC also runs Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns and Social Media Marketing (SMM). The zone marketing team which includes Marketing Coordinator Sasha Carrig, maintains active Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin accounts and various YouTube channels to engage potential clients and drive traffic to its corporate website and landing pages.
McKenzie-Cahill, who is currently undertaking a Certified Internet Marketer’s Course with the prestigious Internet Marketing Association to hone her skills, says the trend will continue. “As we further our reach into key sectors and cities you will see us utilizing this type of hyper-focused marketing more and more. I am looking forward to employing more of these targeted Internet marketing tactics to further spread the good news globally about this excellent business-friendly jurisdiction and the CEC Special Economic Zone.”

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Hilary Cahill
Hilary McKenzie-Cahill is a Cayman Enterprise City staff alumni and former VP of Marketing and Business Development. Hilary is a serial entrepreneur and a powerhouse of energy, passionate about everything she undertakes.
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