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As CEC Continues To Grow, So does the Internship Programme

CEC and zone companies invite Cayman’s youth to take internships within Cayman’s tech focused Special Economic Zone.

Coolest internship in Cayman Contestants16th May - George Town, Grand Cayman: Cayman Enterprise City, Cayman’s award-winning Special Economic Zone today launches its ‘2nd Annual Internship Drive’. Following a successful internship initiative last summer where 2 young people won internships within the Special Economic Zone, due to popular demand, this year CEC has decided to expand the programme so that at least 10 internships will be available.

Instead of running a contest this year CEC decided to extend the programme so more students could take advantage of the opportunity. CEC itself is again taking 2 interns who will work alongside the zone developers to learn about marketing the Cayman Islands to the world. They will work with CEC’s successful Business Development team and attain knowledge on strategies to attract commodities and mining companies, internet and technology companies and media and marketing firms. Amongst other things the interns will get the chance to join CEC’s Client Services team and become versed on the process to licence new companies into the zone. Chief Development Officer, local architect Cindy O’Hara will also be mentoring the interns again this year and as a Caymanian entrepreneur herself with several businesses, she will be giving tips and advice on setting up and running a business.

To enhance the programme, CEC has invited zone companies to participate as well, and several zone companies have already jumped on board. CEC is aiming for 10-15 young people to secure internships this summer within the zone in the fields of commodities, internet and technology and media. As Cayman’s career paths have traditionally drawn school leavers into the fields of law, accounting and banking, the zone internships will be a unique opportunity which is directly in line with the developers’ intention of diversifying the economy and providing careers in interesting new business sectors.

"We had great feedback last summer with this programme and this year we are delighted to be welcoming up to 15 youngsters on zone internships." said Hilary McKenzie-Cahill, VP of Marketing for Cayman Enterprise City. "Whether they get placed with CEC or one of the zone companies, we will ensure that they all get the chance to tour the zone buildings, meet other zone clients, see the master plans for the main campus and get an in depth understanding of the inner working of a Special Economic Zone."

"As a Special Economic Zone Company (SEZC) working with the Cayman Enterprise City (CEC), we have come to recognize our important role in giving back to the local community, and to this end, we are excited to participate in this intern program which we believe will help foster the development of the next generation of Caymanian leaders in technology and international business." Steven C. Zolman, Owner, Founder, Chairman & Chief Services Architect, NET(net) SEZC.

"All participants last year had a lot of fun and got to use their creative skills and we’ll ensure they do so again this year. It’s really good for young people to get this kind of exposure with international companies that market to the world and it’s my goal to grow this programme dramatically each year." said Renee High, CEC’s Client Services Executive, who is running the internship programme. "I warmly encourage students to email me at internships@CaymanEnterpriseCity.com with their resume and a cover letter, letting me know why they should win a place.

Mrs. High is reaching out to local schools, colleges and youth groups to let them know about the programme so that as many young people as possible get to hear about the opportunity. CEC now has over 115 companies in the zone ranging from Internet, technology, media, marketing, commodities and biotech businesses, so interns will have a wide range of options available to them. These knowledge-based companies are new to the Cayman Islands and as well as offering interesting internships are now starting to create jobs for locals.







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Hilary Cahill
Hilary McKenzie-Cahill is a Cayman Enterprise City staff alumni and former VP of Marketing and Business Development. Hilary is a serial entrepreneur and a powerhouse of energy, passionate about everything she undertakes.
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