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Cayman Enterprise City Website Receives Global Recognition for New Design

Cayman Enterprise City Website wins HubSpot Award

The Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) website has received global recognition from HubSpot, a leading platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. The website developed by CRO:NYX Digital SEZC, Walzzy Creative SEZC, and Cayman Enterprise City, who together began the project by starting with a fresh strategy — reviewing buyer personas, mapping out the customer’s journey, and designing the website’s new infrastructure.

“The goal was to deliver a website that will further advance and establish CEC's brand globally by reflecting credibility, by clearly conveying CEC's offerings, by showcasing CEC's vibrant community of innovative entrepreneurs, and by reflecting CEC's significance as a hub for global business,” said Kaitlyn Elphinstone, VP of Marketing & Public Engagement of CEC. “The challenge was to build a futureproof website that can be easily managed and updated by an internal marketing team of two.”

The submission received a score of 90.50 out of a possible 100 points and took home the HubSpot Website Design Award for the Latin American region.

“CEC is growing rapidly and adding new initiatives all the time. We knew that they needed the flexibility for their site to grow and evolve with them. Using HubSpot CMS, we built the new site using Pattern-Driven Design; a framework that allows CEC to make infinite customised templates with their stylized and on-brand modules,” explained Tanya Wigmore, Founder and Chief Growth Officer of CRO:NYX Digital SEZC, Project Advisor & Development Lead.

The new website features a clean design that has been developed to reflect the newly refreshed CEC brand. “The site now is easy to navigate, looks fresh, and it represents CEC’s modern and progressive ethos. The new look and feel is now communicating what CEC has to offer and will do a much better job at persuading decision makers to move to the jurisdiction with CEC," said Chris Wall, Founder of Walzzy Creative SEZC, Project Advisor & Graphic Design Lead.

HubSpot Winner Website Design 2021

Since launching the redesigned website at the end of 2020, CEC has seen a significant increase in engagement. “We are delighted to be recognised for the quality of our redesigned website but more importantly, we are delighted with the increased traffic that it is driving,” said Charlie Kirkconnell, Chief Executive Officer of CEC. “Inbound leads are critical to our mission of helping to diversify Cayman’s economy by attracting new, innovative businesses to set up a physical presence in Cayman, which will in turn provide meaningful opportunities for Caymanians and future generations to come.”

For more information about CEC visit www.caymanenterprisecity.com.

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Kaitlyn Elphinstone
Kaitlyn Elphinstone is the Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) — responsible for driving new opportunities, championing innovation, engaging members of the public, and leading the company’s marketing and brand strategies in her enterprise-wide focused role.
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