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about-cecCayman Enterprise City (CEC) is a special economic zone and thriving offshore business hub located in the tax-free Cayman Islands. A direct flight away from Miami, New York, Toronto, and even London, CEC enables companies from across the globe to easily and cost-effectively set up and operate offshore with a genuine physical presence.  The Cayman Enterprise City Special Economic Zone doesn’t provide your typical ‘virtual’ or ‘shell brass plate’ offshore company. Instead we enable you to have a genuine staffed office in a stable offshore jurisdiction, where you can legitimately generate an income which is 100% exempt from corporate tax.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are discovering that the CEC zone is the future of offshore. As a rule of thumb, businesses across the globe are obligated to pay corporate taxes at the rate dictated by the jurisdiction in which the revenues are generated. By setting up and operating staffed offices in Cayman’s special economic zone, with real mind and management here, you can legitimately generate your revenues tax-free, because Cayman 100% exempt from corporate tax and this could result in massive savings for your company. 

We hear from prospective clients every day with businesses in the US, Canada, UK and across the globe, that their businesses are becoming less profitable and can no longer thrive, because they are burdened by increasing, onerous regulation, reporting and filing requirements. Complying to new regulations is not only time consuming and expensive, but takes the focus off the efficiency running your business. The great news is, that in the Cayman Islands, we have a very pro-business Government and you will be operating in an environment that is appropriately regulated, so you don’t have to adhere to onerous and burdensome regulatory reporting and filing and can focus on what’s important – making your business as successful as it can be. 

If you are researching other offshore jurisdictions, they simply can’t compete with Cayman or match our offering, because they don’t have Special Economic Zones that make it easy, quick and cost-effective for you to set up.

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And, if you are eventually structuring your company for an industry sale or exit, Cayman also enjoys 100% exemption from capital gains tax. With the convenience of the East Coast time zone, safe and secure first-world infrastructure and an unparalleled lifestyle, CEC attracts businesses of all sizes and verticals from global industries including: internet and technology, commodities and derivatives, media and marketing, biotechnology and life sciences, and maritime services.

What Types of Businesses are in the Cayman Enterprise City SEZ?


CEC has removed the red tape and financial constraints normally associated with setting up a business presence offshore, so you can benefit from:

  • Zero corporate tax
  • No sales or income tax
  • No import duties
  • No government reporting or auditing requirements
  • IP held offshore
  • 5 year renewable work visas granted for staff in 5 days
  • Presence in an innovative & entrepreneurial technology hub

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