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5th Cayman Islands Shipping Summit Underway

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The 5th annual Cayman Islands shipping summit is underway.

The 2-day conference features leaders in the shipping and yachting industries.

Keynote speakers will explore trade patterns affecting shipping, maritime infrastructure and more.

The event aims to build on Cayman’s reputation as a prime maritime business hub.

“We still love the sea, and all it means to us. And while technological advances have modernised the field, we in this room gratefully acknowledge that maritime is both our history and our future,” said Minister of Commerce Wayne Panton.

The conference continues tomorrow, where panelists will discuss marine pollution laws, or lack thereof, and protecting the marine environment.

Adela Gonzales White

Written by Adela Gonzales White

Ms. Gonzales White is a Public Relations Specialist and consultant for CEC where she assists with development and implementation of the company’s public relations initiatives both internationally and locally. Based in Sarasota, Florida, Adela is also a former expat who lived in the Cayman Islands for more than a decade, and she maintains close ties to the islands. This experience and connection give her special insights when writing about life overseas and CEC’s relationship to the local community.

8 Great Reasons to Move Offshore

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  8 Great Reasons to Move Offshore