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Enterprise Cayman Program & Initiatives


    Programs & Initiatives

    Summer in the City Networking Event

    The annual networking event was created to ensure ‘Summer in the City’ applicants would get the opportunity to meet other special economic zone (SEZ) professionals based within CEC that may potentially offer opportunities to be a part of their team. CEC’s ‘Summer in the City’ networking event works in conjunction with CEC’s internship programme. The event takes place every year on July at the National Gallery.

    Intern Brunch

    CEC hosts an intern brunch catered for the students to get to know each other and share their experience and what they have learned while interning in the zone. The intern brunch is held every year at Strathvale House, in the heart of George Town.

    WORC Workshop

    CEC in partnership with Workforce Opportunities Residency Cayman (WORC) will be hosting a variety of interactive two hour workshops geared towards getting you workforce ready with a show-stopping CV. These workshops will be led by Dianne Conolly, National Training & Development Manager at WORC. The various workshops will also extend into tips and tricks in structuring the perfect cover letter, while taking you one step further than the rest with your interview skills.

    School Visits

    CEC offers annual school visits. If you are an individual who is interested in hearing more about Enterprise Cayman - get in touch.  CEC will bring with an interactive presentation which will cover Cayman's growing tech sector and the opportunities available within the special economic zone. CEC will also cover opportunities for entrepreneurs, summer internships, yearly mentorships, coding programmes, work placements and our jobs portal.

    Career Fair

    CEC is continuing its career pop up booths this year, visiting all high schools and universities in Cayman and talking to teachers and students about the zone and the types of new technology-focused careers that are starting to become available in the zone. We are seeking to facilitate a new generation of technically skilled Caymanians and are working to ensure that young people get the skills they need. If you have a career fair coming up please email Innovate@caymanenterprisecity.com


    Dive on in to the many conferences CEC sponsors. Invitations have included:

    • CIMPA 
    • Cydec
    • STEM
    • Worlds Economic Forum
    • d10e Cayman - The leading conference of decentralization


    Get More Info

    Find out about other ways you can network within the zone!

    • Work Placement Programme
    • Mentorship Programme
    • Summer Networking
    • Event WORC Opportunities
    • Cayman Code Academy