Why the Tax Free Cayman Islands are the Perfect Place to do business.

cayman-infrastructureSmart money says “the future of offshore business is being physically located somewhere with a high quality of life and infrastructure, a low-tax regime and no regulatory burdens.”

Cayman Enterprise City is the future, and the Cayman Islands is the only viable offshore destination for your business!

The spirit of Cayman is entrepreneurial, and it is an extraordinary blend of paradise and modernity not found in any other Caribbean island. It’s fast becoming the offshore digital jurisdiction of choice and our pro-business government, with an eye to the future, has entrusted Cayman Enterprise City to create a technology hub to attract entrepreneurs like you to set up in the Cayman Islands. They’ve removed the red tape and granted incredible concessions so it’s quick, easy and cost-effective to set up in this special economic zone.

8 Reasons to Set Up Business Offshore

Some of the reasons why over 170 companies have already set up here:

  • Cayman is a safe and stable English-speaking British Overseas Territory.
  • The jurisdiction is OECD white listed, meeting the highest anti-money laundering compliance requirements, and is well managed.
  • It offers a pro-business regulatory environment.
  • It’s one of world's leading international financial centres.
  • Cayman is the #1 hedge fund jurisdiction worldwide.  
  • The island is a centre for first-class service providers and international law firms.
  • Cayman operates under a robust legal system based on English common law.
  • It is sophisticated, cosmopolitan and offers an upscale lifestyle.
  • You can be anywhere in the world, by one connected flight.
  • Easy access to lucrative Latin American and global markets.

Follow those who are leaving the high-pressure competitive culture of Silicon Valley and similar tech centres. Paradise with a great lifestyle can foster new ideas and creativity. Create a new quality of business life for yourself in the Cayman Islands

We are here to help you succeed – let’s get started!

  8 Great Reasons to Move Offshore

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